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Jack Russell Terrier Rescue

"He is now running and playing like a much younger dog"

We foster Noddy for Jack Russell Rescue. JRR is a big believer that ALL dogs deserve the chance to be rescued, especially the 'seniors' As Noddy is a rescue dog, and saved from the pound, we don't know much of his history.
We think he is around 13 years of age. He was named Noddy in the pounds because he slept and slept and slept.
We decided to foster him and get him out of the kennels as it is much better for the 'oldies' to be in homes. We noticed instantly when he slept he would sleep on his side with his legs straight out and he didn't curl up in a ball like most jrt's. We presumed he had some joint issues due to his age.
JRR was kindly donated some Rose-Hip Vital Canine Powder by Dr Katrina for us to try on our seniors and Jill suggested we give it a go on Noddy. We did struggle a bit to mix it in with his food as he really doesn't eat that much. We contacted you and you responded quickly with some tips and guidance. And it worked. Within the first 3 weeks we noticed a difference. He started curling up in a ball to go to sleep which was very surprising. And then he went on a small holiday with his foster family and started chasing after the birds. Yes Noddy was actually running (no birds were hurt in the making of this email).
I was quite surprised that the Rose-Hip Powder did work. You presume some things are a bit 'hyped up' but I was still willing to give it a go. And for Noddy, we can definitely notice the change in him. He is now running and playing like a much younger dog. Thanks guys, it is going 'great guns' for Noddy. The other thing I like is - I've read all your posts and you always respond. Negative & Positive. You obviously believe 100% in your product, and so you should. I loved that.
Roslvn Potter

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