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Kae Norman

Kae Norman
Rescued with Love

"They all love it"

I have 7 littlies, all various ages. My youngest is Whimsy. She had an untreated broken leg when she came to me, and we had a specialist surgery done, where they rebreak it, and set it in a brace for 6 weeks.
I have been giving it to her for quite some time along with the others and they all love it. Vesper Louise my 11 year old has joint issues and is a bit rickety, can now jump up on the lounge chair which she hasn't done for a long time.
And Maisie who has a grade 5 heart murmur is now playing with Whimsy, which has never ever happened before.
I will attach a picture of all. Whimsy is the little White one, Maisie is the adult white one and Vesper is the black one.
Kae Norman

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