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"I am fitter, thinner and healthier and my joint pain is without doubt minimised." 

Having led a seriously sporting life from a young age and being competitive by nature, my body has had its share of gruelling times. Being a Physiotherapist, I know the problems with joints and ageing, wear and tear, it's inevitable and especially when an active sporting lifestyle has been a way of life. More to the point is that I am still wanting to be active and competitive.

My joints ache but I ignore them or take anti-inflammatories. I have tried many different joint formulas and can say that I have never found any benefit and it wasn't from the lack of trying. I was asked for some photos to use in an advertising campaign for Rose Hip Vital. I had a meeting to discuss the pictures needed and found out a little about Rose Hip Vital (here we go, another one of those natural therapies!).

Now being sceptical about additives for horses etc I was not prepared to use it. It wasn't free and how can you tell in an equine athlete. I then said if it worked on people then I would consider it of benefit to horses. I did start the Rose Hip Vital and despite my ho hum attitude, I have been truly blown away with the result. I cannot tell enough people the difference it has made to my life.

Improve your joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® with GOPO® is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented extraction and drying processes, it’s a scientifically and clinically tested natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and natural vitamin C used to relieve and prevent joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.

Patented manufacturing processes isolate the active compound GOPO® which has scientifically and clinically tested anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.