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AGE: 13
LOCATION: Torrens Park, SA

"Within a few weeks of taking the RHVC Ness was racing around like a mad thing"

Ness is my nearly 13 year old Border Collie. For most of her life she has been an active competitor in a range of dog sports including obedience and agility and more recently dances with dogs, tracking and rally-o. She is also my first dog and therefore the first oldie. Due to her active lifestyle she has been on various joint supplements for many years mostly as a preventative.
She has over time developed a small amount of joint pain changes in her wrists which have occasionally caused some front end lameness. At the age of 11 Ness took up tracking and took to it like a duck to water. Great dog shame about the handler. Last year just before she turned 12, she finished off her track 2 and had one failed attempt at a track 3 (her TD title track).
At that stage she was still wanting two long walks a day plus training and didn't like to be left out. Fast forward another few months and I noticed Ness wanted to spend a lot more time sleeping and was coming up lame during her walks. I presumed this was all normal and that maybe she was ready to live a much more lazy existence. My youngster Kenz had been on the RHVC since mid December and having some good results for her myriad of complicated issues when RHVC suggested trying the product on my less complicated Ness.
I was keen to give it a go and wasn't totally sure if it would provide any additional benefit in Ness's situation. Within a few weeks of taking the RHVC Ness was racing around like a mad thing and rather than sleeping all the time was constantly pushing her way in to train when I was training Kenz. I decided to take her back out tracking only the other week and she pulled around the track like a freight train and came up sound and ready to go again after a short rest.
Thanks to the RHVC Ness will hopefully finish off that last track for her TD title (well at least should be able to give it a mighty good go).

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