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AGE: 2
CONDITION: Luxating Patella

"After 2 months on Rose-Hip Vital Canine Luna is back to her old self!

Luna Pop is an almost 2 yr old mongrel. Last Nov while playing with her friends, she tripped over some burnt sparkles left overnight after the Deepavali celebrations at our condo park. She started to display pain on her left hind leg & would limp now & then. The vet diagnosed as slight inflammation and gave her 5 days of anti-inflammatory medicine. 2 months later we didn't see improvement. Although at times she uses the limp to get attentions or to gain sympathy after misbehaving, a follow up checkup 2 weeks ago confirmed there is slight stress in her normal walking. She is observed to be placing more weight on her right hind leg.
Her vet suspects it to be either luxating patella or cranial cruciate ligament. She has asked us to tone down her activities & monitor for 2 months. Failure to improve means Luna needs to go for ray and/CT scan and will be subjected to sedation. I do not wish to put my girl through such stress thus friends recommended that I explore
Rose-Hip Vital.
By the way, Luna loves to leap, run and jumps up & down big rocks or steps. She's quite miserable now that she's not allowed to do so.
After 2 months on Rose-Hip Vital Canine Luna is back to her old self. She has also gained weight and now has a shiny coat!

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