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Sweet Shepherd Rescue
CONDITION: Wellbeing

"Her eyes are bright, and she's eagerly exploring her new life"

Harriet came to us on 18th October from Renbury Farm Animal Shelter in NSW. Photos from the pound showed a particular sadness and reports from rescue workers visiting her in the days prior to her release said she was in bad shape and that she seemed to have just given up and was fading fast. At first we were told that she was not strong enough to make the trip to Victoria, but as her mandatory holding period passed, receiving regular meals at Renbury and some extra attention by rescue volunteers, the Renbury staff cleared her to come to us. We were very excited as we rounded up an experienced rescue dream team - including Sweet Shepherd Rescue, Rainy Day Special Needs Rescue and Robyn of GRS Grooming, to meet her at the depot, assess her and get her bathed and fine tune our rescue plan.

She was so severely underweight, all her ribs and vertebrae showed through patchy fur - much of her thin, raw and scaly skin showing through in wide patches, especially across her hindquarters and chest. Her ears were fly-bitten so badly as to be misshapen at the tips. But always, there were these meltingly soulful eyes that seemed to understand that we were doing our best to help her as she suffered the many indignities and discomforts of being examined and bathed, including having her backside shaved.

Bringing her home, I did not bother with introductions to the family or the other dogs, but had set her up in a quiet, dark room so she could rest and recover from the whole ordeal. It didn't take her long, by the second day, she was up and curious about her surroundings and wanted to explore, so we set her up in an area near the fireplace in the lounge room so that she could watch all the going on in the house. Day 3 was a sunny day, and she spent most of it snuggled up in blankets on a sunny spot on the front verandah watching the world go by, and I was lucky enough to snap a photo of her getting up to greet Mr. Rainy Day at the gate, with a little wag of the tail.

Her enthusiasm and cheerful nature was always going to be bigger than her strength at first, but through thoughtful nutrition, small frequent meals and brief but frequent walks, we had a chance at giving her back the health that would carry all that personality around with ease. Part of this diet planning included high quality natural supplements, not only to provide vital nutrients but also to build immunity and support joint health which is so important, especially in Harriet's case, as she is a grand old lady of 13, a large breed, and her old tired bones and joints were going to need all the help they could get as she gained weight. We were especially delighted to be able to include Rose Hip Vital Canine in Harriet's supplementation regime.

Within three weeks, you can see for yourself how she is coming along her eyes are bright, and she's eagerly exploring her new life and the world around her, and enjoying car rides and trips to the countryside and walks to the river and chasing ducks. Such a sweet nature she has, and has little licks and kisses for everyone, and invites you to pat her fur which is growing back lush and soft. People who follow Harriet's progress on Facebook often comment how different she looks - that she looks like a different dog - but we know that's the dog that matched those eyes we first saw peering just past us from Jo Lyon's lens she is already showing us the dog she has always meant to be, and we think her future looks bright.

Thank you for helping Harriet's journey Rose-Hip Vital canine xX
Sammy, Sweet Shepherd Rescue

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