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AGE: 8
CONDITION: Spinal Issues

"Rose-Hip Vital Canine has literally saved his life!"

When Enzo was 7 weeks old he was dropped, resulting in a broken growth plate in his left shoulder. He had an X-ray at the Allambie Vet who sent the x-rays on to a specialist. I was given 3 options by the specialist - 1) amputation 2) fusion of the joint 3) let it heal by itself and see how he goes. The specialist recommended the conservative approach and let it heal by itself. I did so and Enzo did ok.
When he was 1 year old, he became the youngest dog to participate in the Stem Cells trials that Allambie Vet was facilitating. The Stem Cell surgery gave him more movement in his shoulder. However, he has limped all his life and his right leg and shoulder had to develop to take the weight. His right leg became over rotated and by the age of 5 was showing signs of arthritis in both front legs. For 3 years Enzo once a year did a course of injections over 4 weeks for his arthritis.

We were out walking in November 2018 and like the flick of a switch his back-right leg gave in and he had difficulty walking. The next day his left back leg did the same. His spinal condition was a worn disc, X-rays showed there was minimal gap between his vertebrae causing the crushing of a nerve. The vet said all they could do was surgery with first an MRI to know the detail of how to operate. However, they said it was highly possible that surgery would not improve his condition. The total cost of $12,000 with a high possibility that it wouldn't be successful, was daunting. The vet prescribed daily nerve pain killers for Enzo (Neurontin) which he still takes twice a day. Having both his back legs weakening he could only get along for about ten minutes then I would have to carry him, and 20 kilos is a lot to carry! After a couple of weeks of carrying him, my own back was starting to become sore. His condition declined and so I bought an old pram to get him around.

Enzo has a huge spirit and gentle soul, so loved by everyone he meets. It was a shock for those who knew him to see him in a pram. It was heart-breaking to see his muscles wasting away and his spine became so prominent, all within 3 weeks. I took him for chiropractic treatments and acupuncture, but Enzo was scared of the treatment process so badly, it was not an option.

Enzo let me use a handheld shiatsu massage machine on him daily. This was a blessing as he desperately needed the release in his tightening muscles. But his condition was still worsening, he could not stand by himself to go to the toilet and needed my help to hold him.

He became so depressed and helpless that his sister was at a loss. Rosa too became depressed and would check on him numerous times of the day. It was incredible to believe that he went from being so active and within 6 weeks I was now fearing I would possibly have to contemplate euthanasia.

Then I saw an ad on Facebook for Rose-Hip Vital. I reviewed the testimonials and decided to give it a go. Within 3 days Enzo showed improvement and 3 weeks later Enzo was asking to be let out of the pram. He would walk and sniff around for about 5 to 8 metres then bark at me, to go back in the pram. It was so exciting to see him walk and go to the toilet by himself. It may not sound like much, but this was a game changer for Enzo.

He was improving by the week and clearly coming out of his depression. His sister, Rosa was evidently happy too from her encouraging behaviour. As the months went by his daily walks became longer and less time in the pram.

In February 2020 Enzo does not need the pram anymore, he is back to being his own man (dog).
Every day in the past 12 months when out walking my dogs I have been asked about Enzo and everyday I have told people about Rose-Hip Vital and how it has given him his mobility back.

It has literally saved his life. I feel so, lucky to have come across the product and Enzo is a true Ambassador for Rose-Hip Vital.

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