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AGE: 8
CONDITION: Prevention
LOCATION: Riverhills, QLD

"He has NEVER pulled up sore after a competition and has never suffered any injuries competing"

My Charlie means everything in the world to me. I started him originally on Joint Guard at 8 years and then Rose-Hip Vital Canine as a preventative. At Charlie's age now, he does have a few joint issues, but vets and chiropractors agree he is fit and healthy and to continue competing as he loves it. He has NEVER pulled up sore after a competition and has never suffered any injuries competing.
I am very careful about not overdoing training with Charlie and even though in competitions he must jump the highest height (60cm), I only train him over 40cm. Some dogs do retire young due to joint issues. Some dogs are still competing at 12-13 (just slower).
Many dogs competing in agility are on some form of preventative treatment - many using Rose-Hip Vital. Agility people usually have multiple dogs too so cost does play a part. I have passed on to a few people that they should try the horse Rose-Hip Vital but use the dog scoop, which was a tip from your FB page.
As Charlie is doing so well joint wise, my plan is to keep him on Rose-Hip Vital Canine. There are only a handful of Dalmatians competing in agility in Australia and 2 are mine! They attract a lot of attention.
Would love to see more out there and am doing my best, through FB, to encourage other Dalmation owners to take up this fantastic sport. I have attached a couple of photos of Charlie. He will be competing at the Australian National Agility Trials at the end of June 2014 (5 days of competitions - to be held at the CCCQ Grounds at Durack, Brisbane.
Charlie, my Dalmatian, will turn 11 in October so he is one of the older dogs competing. Charlie has been on Rose-Hip Vital Canine since it first came on the market and will remain on it. I will do anything to keep him fit and healthy and enjoying a sport which he loves.

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