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What's so Special About Rose-Hip Vital?

Rose-Hip Vital

None of us want to give up doing the things we love because sore joints and a lack of vitality are holding us back. Thanks to Rose-Hip Vital, we don’t have to.

Our range of powders and capsules offer a completely natural anti-inflammatory and multivitamin solution, fueling you with all the support you need to banish pain and start living your life on your terms.

There’s nothing else like Rose-Hip Vital on the market, and here’s why.

Our unique manufacturing process unlocks the power of GOPO®, an exclusive galactolipid that dismantles inflammation before it can lead to chronic aches and pains. Our wholly natural rosehip supplement also provides you with over 31 naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, antioxidants, antihistamines and essential fatty acids, ensuring your body is fully equipped for whatever life throws your way.

Here’s what some of our users say about Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO®:

  • These capsules have given me a new lease on life and I Am So Happy I found them.” – Dianne, NSW

  • Nothing worked. Then I discovered Rose-Hip Vital. After a week, the pain was gone and I have never looked back.” – Maree, NSW

  • I have been quite amazed at the improvement in the arthritic pain I had been experiencing whilst walking. Excellent product!” – Roger, NSW

So, What is GOPO®?

Discover the secret behind Rose-Hip Vital’s unrivalled anti-inflammatory benefits.

GOPO® is an active compound found in Rose-Hip Vital’s range of products, thanks to the unique and patented way we manufacture our pure Rosa Canina rosehips. GOPO® is scientifically-proven to prevent excessive white blood cells from accumulating at sites of inflammation, breaking the cycle of painful swelling and discomfort. Too many white blood cells can also lead to free radical damage, causing long-term cellular degeneration and disease.

If you’re suffering from inflammation, you might find yourself experiencing lethargy, allergies, difficulty with recovery and poor physical and mental wellbeing. A daily dose of Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO® ensures you receive all the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support you need to get back to doing the things you love.



The Science Behind Rose-Hip Vital’s Amazing Transformations

Rose-Hip Vital has the scientific backing of 30 clinical studies, including 9 double-blind placebo-controlled trials, making us the only rosehip product to have scientifically proven anti-inflammatory results.

With Rose-Hip Vital, you can take the guesswork out of your decision knowing that our amazing results have been proven, time and time again.

How Our Users are Benefiting from Rose-Hip Vital

Discover just some of the ways our users are benefitting from a daily dose of our rosehip supplement.
  • Less joint aches and pains
    Chronic pain can undermine your zest for life and your freedom to pursue the things you love. With powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Rose-Hip Vital banishes chronic joint aches and pain, allowing you to live without painful limitations.

  • Greater freedom of movement
    Healthy joints allow you to move freely with less fear of accident or injury. A daily dose of Rose-Hip Vital allows you to prioritise your free time on your own terms; moving, doing and simply being exactly how you want to be.

  • Fewer daily medications
    With a rich content of naturally-occurring vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, omega 3, antioxidants and antihistamines, many of our users find that one dose of Rose-Hip Vital is enough to replace several other daily supplements, minimising expenses and reducing capsule consumption.

  • Natural management of allergies.
    With rich antioxidant and antihistamine properties, Rose-Hip Vital naturally treats immune-mediated allergies by moderating an overstimulated histamine response and stabilising inflammatory immune reactions.

  • Support during recovery.
    Our natural anti-inflammatory support allows you to focus on what’s most important following an accident, injury or surgery: rest and recovery.


Happy couple riding bikes. What Makes Rose-Hip Vital So Special.

Rose-Hip Vital is Wholly Natural

Rose-Hip Vital is made from nothing but the ground berries of the Rosa Canina rosehip, one of nature’s most potent rosehip species.

Our rosehips are harvested from non-invasive farms in Scandinavia where the rosehip bushes are left to mature for years, stretching their roots deep into nutrient-rich soil before the berries are gently harvested.

All of our products are naturally free from wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, additives, fillers and preservatives. Our powders are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, but it’s important to note that our capsules are encased in bovine gelatin.

A Rich Source of Naturally-Occurring Vitamin C

Every dose of Rose-Hip Vital contains over 46mg of naturally-occurring vitamin C, making it one of nature’s richest antioxidants and antihistamines. The non-synthetic vitamin C found in our rosehip powders is easily recognised by your body as fuel, ensuring the maximum amount of benefits can be absorbed.

By keeping your antihistamine and antioxidant intake high, you’ll have the best chance of preventing allergic reactions, infections and degenerative free radical damage.  

Discover What our Users are Saying…

Don’t just take our word for it.

You can read countless testimonials here from people just like you who’ve experienced life-changing transformations for things like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and so much more.

Have a read through just a few of them below.

“My husband is 68 years old, active and still working as a delivery driver. He has been in agony with his knee for months, restless and in pain at night, keeping me awake with his tossing and turning. After 2 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital tablets he and I have noticed a significant improvement in his mobility and sleep. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself! I’ll be on them next.” – Jenny, QLD

“I have been using Rose-Hip Vital for only 3 weeks and the change is sensational. I have suffered from arthritis for some time. The pain in my knees, ankles and hands have reduced significantly. I can now walk up and down stairs normally, not one at a time. I will continue to use Rose-Hip Vital.” – Ken, QLD

“I started on Rose-Hip Vital about 4 months ago. Almost 50 years ago I broke my shoulder and have suffered arthritis pain for atleast the last 25 years sometimes excruciating with limited movement and rotation of my right arm above horizontal. After around 48 hours of Rose-Hip Vital I had around 270 degree rotation restored without any pain. I can now do a full rotation and have been largely pain free for 4 months. Amazing turnaround. Would recommend to anyone.” – Geoffrey, NSW


The Best Way to Get Started

Are you ready to get started on Rose-Hip Vital and experience the amazing benefits first-hand? We have all the information you need right here!

Our most popular product, the 150 Capsules, have a recommended daily dose of 3 capsules, twice a day. If you’d prefer powder, add 2 scoops (5g) to something cool: yoghurt, cereal and smoothies are popular options!

Click here to shop our range now and enjoy free shipping Australia wide.

Don’t Forget, the Whole Family Can Share!

Did you know Rose-Hip Vital has Equine and Canine ranges, too?

If you have members in your family who fall into more than one of our categories, we have some amazing news for you! The exact same patented rosehip powder found in our capsules and powders also goes into our Equine and Human ranges!

And all our powders are packaged in a food-grade facility, meaning that every single tub – no matter whether it’s labelled ‘Equine’ or ‘Canine’ – is safe for human consumption. Everyone in your household can share from the same tub of powder, saving you hundreds of dollars every year!



Rose-Hip Vital® with GOPO® 是一種全天然純植物製劑,具備抗炎和改善免疫系統的作用,可促進關節健康和整體健康。它由採用專利提取和乾燥工藝製造的玫瑰果製成,是一種經過科學和臨床測試的天然抗炎劑、抗氧化劑和天然維生素 C,用於緩解和預防與輕度關節炎相關的關節疼痛,僵硬,炎症和腫脹。

萃取和乾燥過程所使用的全球專利技術工藝,能有效分離並激活玫瑰果中的GOPO®成分。科學研究證明了GOPO®的消炎功效和抗氧化特性。 GOPO®能有效阻止多餘的白細胞聚集在發炎的組織周圍,從而減低炎症對軟組織的傷害,減輕炎症及其引至的痛楚。 不含GOPO®的玫瑰果產品尚未被證明具有此功效。