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Start with the Loading Dose for the first 4 weeks, then drop to the Maintenance Dose ongoing. The Loading Dose is a system kickstarter so your horse can begin their journey on the right hoof. Results are typically noticed after 3 weeks on the Loading Dose.

Mix Rose-Hip Vital powder with your horses feed. Do not mix with hot feed or hot liquid.

If your horse feeds twice a day, mix half the recommended dosage into the mornings feed and the remaining into the evening feed. If your horse feeds once daily, mix full recommended dosage into feed.

Dosage for horses is based on their weight.

Loading Dose: 10g (0.3oz) per 100kg (220lb)of bodyweight for the first 4 weeks.

Maintenance Dose: 5g (0.1oz) per 100kg (220lb) of bodyweight ongoing

25g (0.8oz)scoop included.