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CONDITION: Arthritis


"I began to see some good results but hated taking the capsules so I crossed over to the powder and have never looked back."

Have you ever stood in the vitamin aisle and felt completely overwhelmed because you couldn't find what you were looking for? Then when you picked up a product and read the label it left you wishing you had paid more attention during science class? If this situation sounds a little all too familiar then let us introduce you to Robyn-Anne Rose.

With 10 years' experience as a Vitamin Specialist and working in pharmacy, Robyn began to notice the growing confusion surrounding complementary medicine, supplements and vitamins. That was how her book Vitamin ME was born. It will be launched in the next few months! Robyn aims to demystify your vitamin shopping experience with her extensive inside information. The book will be filled to brim with great tips and tricks, guaranteed to make vitamin shopping simpler, more enjoyable and put the power back in your hands.

Robyn is also an avid believer in the benefits of Rose-Hip Vital as a complementary medicine not only for joint pain and the treatment of mild arthritis but for supplementing your immune system and general health and wellbeing.

We were excited to find Robyn on Instagram when she started to post her delicious smoothies which contained our powder. We asked her to share with us why she believes in a daily dose of Rose-Hip Vital:

Thave been using it (Rose-Hip Vital) for about a year now. At the beginning of 2015 I was in a lot of pain. Standing up for eight hours a day on concrete floors in pharmacy was excruciating especially for my right hip. After some investigations and an ultrasound I ended up at the orthopedic surgeon who told me that I have severe arthritis in my hip and that I need a hip replacement. He then went on to say that he would not do the surgery until I was 55 years old. I am only 44, so in shock I asked what I could do in the mean time and he suggested steroid injections, which I politely refused. What about natural treatments I asked, and he said with indifference that I could try some fish oil. I had already tried glucosamine and fish oil earlier on, to no avail, and now that I am on a plant based diet fish oil is not an option. Honestly, I wondered if I should quit my job? Due to the stiffness I was also getting in my lower back and hands, I finally decided that Rose-Hip Vital might be the way forward so I started out on the capsules.

I began to see some good results but hated taking the capsules so I crossed over to the powder and have never looked back. Earlier this year in January, the 30th to be exact because it was my birthday, decided to climb the active volcano Mt Batur. Three hours of climbing straight up in the middle of the night so that I could see the sunrise. 1,717 metres up. And NO pain, not even the next day! I was so stoked that I'm going to do it again this


Improve your joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® with GOPO® is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented extraction and drying processes, it’s a scientifically and clinically tested natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and natural vitamin C used to relieve and prevent joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.

Patented manufacturing processes isolate the active compound GOPO® which has scientifically and clinically tested anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.