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Rose-Hip Vital gives Haly back her puppy years

Rose Hip Vital Gold Dust Gives Haly Back Her Puppy Years

Rose Hip Vital Gold Dust Gives Haly Back Her Puppy Years

They say that dogs are mans best friend but for Susie her furry companion has quite literally been her guiding sail. To celebrate International Guide Dog Day today, we want to share with you Susie and Halys story. Haly is a 14 year year old Labrador that plays an important role in her owner Susie's life   as her Guide Dog.

After being hit by a car about 7 years ago, Haly suffered from an early onset of arthritis in her neck, right arm and left elbow and was put on Rose-Hip Vital Canine. She was then diagnosed with arthritis in her hips and has been using Rose-Hip Vital Canine for the last 3 years giving Haly her puppy years back. Susie describes Rose-Hip Vital Canine as the gold dust that has given her and her best friend many years filled with fantastic memories.

Susie tells their story:

Haly is not my best friend.  She is my entire life.  Without her I would be lost.  Literally.  I am blind and she is the most amazing Guide Dog a person could be gifted with.  She is lots of fun too.  Its never a dull moment with us so when I was told she had arthritis in her spine around her neck, her left elbow & right shoulder I was devastated.  My lil girl couldn't walk.  She couldn't lift her head.  She moaned & groaned with all the pain.  It came on suddenly after we were hit by a taxi while walking on our way to work.  I was told she may have to retire from being a Guide Dog.  I knew this would kill her as she is so proud of her role as a Guide Dog and loves being out and about with me daily catching trains & buses.

She was given arthritis injections for a month then went on a multitude of supplements then we began trialling Rose-Hip Vital Canine & literally in a short few weeks she was again jumping about, running up and down the courtyard like a puppy.  I knew it was really working when she wanted to play tug-o-war again with her toys.  She had not been able to do this as the pain was too great you would think she is still a young pup.  She now has lots of energy.  She can lift her head and play like there's no tomorrow.

I love my lil girl & am so grateful to Rose-Hip Vital Canine.  It has transformed her back to the gorgeous, exuberant, excitable, vivacious puppy I love & adore.

Thank you all so much Rose-Hip Vital because without that gold dust I would never have had so many long fun filled and exciting times with so many fantastic memories with my best, best adorable friend. Halys name comes from the word Halyard a rope you hoist a sail with. Haly has always been my guiding sail

Haly has remained a loyal Guide Dog for Susie for the 3 years since we first met this amazing duo. She is now 11 and in good health. Haly will soon hang up her harness and take a well deserved break from her working life, but is still very fit and full of exuberant personality. She will remain living with Susie along with her new Guide Dog.

Susie is an amazing lady and an active volunteer in her community, regularly dedicating her spare time to mentor and help others at the Seeing Eye Dogs Association and Vision Australia. We are thrilled that Rose-Hip Vital Canine has meant Haly was able to continue guiding Susie without health issues following the accident. We hope Haly enjoys her retirement still by Susie's side, along with their new family member.

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